Investment Process

Our 10 steps to success

Our Investment process is the foundation for your Success.

Our Investment process is designed to provide our investors with a smooth and transparent way to invest in outstanding real estate opportunities

Step by step to success

1 Identifying the investment

Our acquisition team carefully monitors various assets which have been either directly offered to us or identified through our network.

2 Due diligence

Once a decision to acquire a project has been made, a thorough investigation of the business is carried out. This can include financing negotiations, design or project changes.

3 Structuring of the acquisition & Start of market sounding

At this point, market sounding begins in order to gauge the interest of potential investors.

4 Request for financing offers

Choosing the right financing structure helps to ensure the success of our investment.

5 Regulatory issues

We ensure that all regulatory rules are properly considered and addressed.

6 Completing the investment essentials

This entails putting into place investment essentials, such as obtaining equity required to start or closing a funding round. Development risk is covered by a sustainable completion guarantee.

7 Sales and equity funding; Capital call to investors

Once investors have been brought on board, the equity is allocated and a loan contract is secured.

8 Financing and closing

This stage typically includes acquisition of the land, transfer of ownership and loan closings.

9 Asset management

ACRON implements measures to preserve the value of existing properties and to increase the returns from ownership.

10 Building wealth

The exit produces returns and wealth is built.