Building wealth for investors with real estate assets is our mission since 1981.

Safe, solid, transparent!

  • Founded in 1981, ACRON is headquartered in Switzerland and the United States with business entities in Luxembourg, Germany, and Brazil.
  • ACRON focuses on real estate investments for wealthy private clients.
  • ACRON offers the advantage of first-class assets, trophy properties and prime projects in the world’s safe havens.
  • All investments structured for single investors as well as multiple investors (club deals).
  • Internationally minded, ACRON combines its global expertise with local presence in the most stable real estate markets.
  • ACRON initially assumes the full financial risk for every investment. Investments are offered to ACRON’s investors once they achieve their criteria.
  • All investments, most of which are single-asset structures, are set up as stock corporations unless a special customized structure is required. All shares have an International Securities Identification Number (ISIN), and are bankable.


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Transaction volume (in CHF)

As of June 2021, our company's transaction volume in Switzerland, Europe and, in particular, the USA, amounted to more than CHF 2.1 billion.

Asset Class Breakdown*

Real-estate as an asset class offers various advantages such as low correlation to other financial assets. For that reason real-estate should represent an essential part of every investment portfolio. We offer individual solutions to investors seeking relatively high and stable income returns. In this context investors are focused on those real-estate segments that are to a great extent capable of producing income. Our investors clearly prefer allocation to hospitality and office space, with other investments including retail space, assisted living and logistics properties.

As of June 2021; *in relation to investment volume

Transaction by Location*

International diversification is important to improve the risk and return profile of a portfolio. Guided by our key principle of safety first, we focus our investments mainly in safe havens. Yet, as long as our high level investment security criteria are fulfilled, we are open to consider investments in other stable real estate markets.

As of June 2021/ *in relation to transaction volume

How our clients come to us

  • Family Offices
  • Private Banks
  • Law Firms
  • Asset Manager
  • Intermediaries
  • Recommendations

Who are our clients?

  • UHNWIs
  • HNWIs
  • Foundations
  • Trusts
  • Institutional Investors
  • Hedge Funds