Office and Logistics Property – Wetzikon, Zurich

The ACRON HELVETIA VI Immobilien AG investment comprises an office and logistics property with production facility in Wetzikon in the Canton of Zurich. The building complex was constructed from 1975 to 1990 on a piece of land measuring 7,158 square meters (77,051 sq. ft.). All of the net leasable area of around 11,000 square meters (118,407 sq. ft.) is leased to Andreas Messerli AG.

The total financing amount for the investment company is CHF 18.8 million. The minimum investment is CHF 100,000, and the cash flow forecast indicates that investors can expect an initial annual return of 6.5 percent, rising to 7.0 percent annually.

Property in Detail

The Property

Type of use

Office and logistics property with production facility


Motorenstrasse 35
8623 Wetzikon, Zurich

Year constructed

1975 - Warehouse 1
1980 - Warehouse 2
1989 - Palm House
1990 - Addition to Warehouse 1

Site area

7,158 m² (77,051 sq. ft.)

Net leasable area

approx. 11,000 m² (118,407 sq. ft.)

Occupancy rate in % of total area


Parking spaces

127 (50 of which are located in a parking garage)

The Tenant


Andreas Messerli AG

Lease term

20-year fixed lease ending February 28, 2029, thereafter unlimited term with a 12-month notice period for termination


From March 7, 2009: initially CHF 1,020,000 per year (net) plus VAT

Incidental costs

Triple net lease: All incidental costs, renovation and repair costs, and maintenance costs for the property are borne by the tenant


Annual 70% indexing to the Swiss consumer price index starting on January 1, 2010 with a maximum annual increase of 1.5%

Key Figures (in CHF)

Investment volume


Share capital


Borrowed funds