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ACRON Club Deals

For 40 years, ACRON has been structuring and implementing indirect and closed real estate investments for high net worth individuals and institutional investors. Instead of collecting the money for investments from a large circle of anonymous investors, ACRON deve­loped a more exclusive investment model – the Club Deals. 


A Club Deal combines the advantages of a direct real estate investment with diversification. Interested parties who want to make a real estate investment but cannot do so on their own due to the volume or who want to invest in seve­ral properties for risk diversification can achieve this without foregoing the transparency of direct investment. In addition, some private investors do not have specific real estate expertise, and ACRON provides this expertise in the various markets and asset classes. 


Club Deals are characterized by a high degree of transparency and a reli­able business plan. Moreover, since the ACRON management invests its own money in each investment, there is a high degree of equality of interest between investors and initiators. Unlike closed-end funds, ACRON is not fi­nanced primarily from fund fees, which are even comparatively low. In return, the initiator profits together with the investors in the event of an exit at the end of the investment period. ACRON offers customers genuine co-investments on an equal footing. 



  • Investors' club with aligned interests
  • Know-how is provided by the sponsor so that investors can also invest in projects outside their area of experience
  • Active investment - "the investor has a say"
  • Full transparency
  • No financial risk before closing
  • Custodial investment
  • Decision to diversify at investor level
  • No investment pressure
  • Concurrent interest with the investor - co-investment with the same interests: Exit and performance incentive
  • High returns
  • Medium to high equity commitment