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In real estate investment, trust is the main currency


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Mastering real estate investment with reliable partners

In real estate investment, an indirect investment is the most common and most popular form of participating in a project, meaning that an investor provides funds to an asset manager who will in turn make the financial commitments that promise growth and returns. To join such a transaction, an investor will need a sufficient level of trust – after all, there are often substantial amounts of money involved in real estate transactions. Investment managers know that of course and work hard on gaining trust. But what way is there for them to prove that they deserve it?

Building up a trust for real estate investments

Every successful businessperson knows that you cannot simply ask for trust from your clients, partners, or providers, you will have to earn it. Real estate investment is not an exception to this rule, on the contrary, it demands an even great commitment to building trust. But personal encounters, deep talks, and promotional literature will only go so far. Before the first mutual project gets underway, there is only one way to help to build up trust: a proven track record.

ACRON, a proven specialist for real estate investments

ACRON Group was founded in Germany in 1981. And although time flies nowadays, you do not stay in a competitive market for some forty years if you are not successful in what you do. In the case of ACRON, a look at the completed projects in the past decades shows a steadfast commitment to building wealth for investors as well as a habit of carefully selecting first-class and premium properties in promising markets around the world. As a real estate investment is always a matter of timing and location, ACRON operates in some of the fastest-growing real estate markets in the world to provide investors with great opportunities to choose from.

A real estate investment in projects that deliver

A senior living property in a tranquil yet well-developed area. A complete renovation of a hotel to fit in with the upgrade of a popular tourist area. A mixed retail and office property in one of the most vibrant cities on the continent. These are just a few of the many real estate investment projects that ACRON has committed to in the more recent past. What they all have in common are big upsides, proven business concepts, and returns on equity that will satisfy even the highest expectations.

The time for real estate investments is always

Investors come from many backgrounds and have different motives for why they want to commit funds to an investment case. But whatever the reason, the expected outcome is the same for all kinds of investors: sizable and reliable returns. This is why so many investors, both private and institutional ones, turn to real estate investment. Real estate is in high demand in many areas around the globe and will continue to yield great results for investors.