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World-Class Commercial Property Investment Opportunities


ACRON is a private real-estate investment management firm focused on placing capital in the property industry. ACRON is headquartered in Switzerland and the United States with business entities in Luxembourg, Germany and Brazil. Learn more...


ACRON’s investment universe extends from core property investments to development projects in various asset classes throughout AAA-credit rated countries. Learn more...


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A bespoke approach to commercial property investment opportunities

At ACRON, we pride ourselves in providing world-class commercial property investment opportunities to all our clients. We take a rigorous, proactive approach in this interdisciplinary environment. We like to stay ahead of the curve to ensure your investments have maximum growth potential. We have been investing in commercial property since 1981, and we have an extensive portfolio based in Germany, Switzerland and the USA. We specialize in trophy properties, prime properties and first-class assets. And thanks to our bespoke approach to commercial property investments, we have a global reputation for delivering results.

Putting our experience of commercial property investment to work

We always assess the goals of each potential investor before putting together an investment strategy. At ACRON, we structure every package according to the express wishes of individual or club investors. We have been offering commercial property investment opportunities for more than 35 years, so we are always ahead of the curve within the market. We have seen everything. We know which investments show promise, and which are doomed to failure. This extensive experience allows our clients to invest their capital in complete confidence.

We value our client relationships

At ACRON, we aim to build personal and productive relationships with all our clients. Only by taking this approach can we be sure we are delivering the desired results. We have specialists covering various commercial sectors in Germany, Switzerland and the USA. We understand the many nuances and characteristics of these markets, which brings us in a good position to deliver healthy returns on your investments. We are used to working with individuals, corporations and conglomerates. No matter how large or small your investment capital might be, we are ready to make it work for you. Whether it is an office complex or an industrial development, we know where the best investment opportunities are.

Commercial property investment: Combining local and global expertise

The commercial property sector is evolving constantly. What might have delivered great returns just a year ago might now be yesterday’s news. We use a combination of historical data, market analysis and experience to identify great investment opportunities — wherever in our focus markets they may be. At ACRON, we believe successful, long-term commercial property investments require both global expertise and a local presence. While worldwide property trends are important, so is what is happening in each local area. Our property specialists possess intrinsic, first-hand knowledge of the markets in which they invest. This means your funds are in the safest possible hands.

Your investments are in safe hands: commercial property investment

We want all our clients to feel safe in the knowledge that their funds are protected. To this end, we assume full responsibility for financial risk during the initial stages of any investment. Only when investments opportunities have satisfied certain criteria, they are offered to our investors.

If you are looking for relatively safe commercial property investment opportunities, ACRON is a good choice. All our shares come with an International Securities Identification Number for e.g. simple settlement. Contact us today to discuss your financial goals with one of our commercial property investment experts.